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Jul 4, 2011 12:30pm PDT
, "this is what we told you it was. this is from here. and this is where it comes from." and that's a big deal. information is a big deal. >> the restaurant has an extremely busy kitchen. but to mills, who's in his sixties, it's like home from home. he knows about the stresses chefs face, since he used to be one. for 14 years, he was the head chef for randy parary restaurants in sacramento. today, he's traded in his chef's hat to promote, educate, and even celebrate produce with other chefs. >> i use email. i use the phone. but the best thing to do is to be able to go into a restaurant, to go into the kitchen, to find the person cooking the food, and say, "hey, what can i get you? what are you looking for?" >> i would just be doing seed production if it weren't for jim driving in here and refusing to drive away and sayin "no, i really want this stuff. no, you don't understand, i really do want to buy this stuff." and "i really want this, and i really want it now, and i really want some, and i wnt samples," and you know, so forth and so on despite my best efforts to get rid of him. >> as c
Jul 26, 2011 3:00pm PDT
without knowing. it is such a potentially big ticket item. that seems unwise. >> [inaudible] >> i think so. >> maybe you could move it along a little bit. >> sorry. >> that is ok. >> the details are on here. the general concept is we are here today to get your feedback. the resolution is adopted and it will be presented to the board of supervisors during august and september. we would bring that back to you. the thought that we have been trying to aim toward this having all the elements being part of the same commission packet so that all the elements are being voted on together and the beginning of 2012, execute the contract and go through the customer education and marketing and outreach process. opting out at the time when the flat generation rates -- i am happy to answer questions and there are some financial slides to go through you with you all. >> i have more later but why do we not proceed? >> how are you? >> that afternoon. i have five brief slides that summarize what we know now would be this potential impact. if i may go through those. the overarching program is in addition to b
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)